Go Karting for the First Time! Here’s all you must know

Go Karting for the First Time! Here’s all you must know

Go-karting is an exhilarating sport that’s adventurous and fun for everyone. Taking part in go-kart racing is the perfect excuse for unleashing your inner speed demon. You can drive as fast as you can on these tracks. But first, here’s all you must know before your first go-kart race: 

Selecting the Right Go Kart

Picking the right go-kart can have a massive effect on your racing performance and lap times. You must know, each kart is designed for different skill levels. If you’ve recently learned to drive a go-kart or are driving it for the first time, you must opt for a rookie kart. Although slow in speed, a rookie kart will help you in honing your skills for manoeuvring and turns on the tracks. 

When you feel confident around the track and with the go-kart, you can then move onto a faster model like Super Karts. If you’re interested in getting a top speed and responsive handling kart, don’t miss the chance to get the best possible Arrow Go karts for sale. 

Practice with the Pedals 

Apart from the rookie kart, you can also practice with pedals in the initial few laps. Doing this will help you in handling the kart efficiently. Initial pedalling practice will assist you in getting a feel of how sensitive the pedals are and how to practice them. 

Unlike real-world cars, the brakes on the kart are only on the rear wheels. It’s just one of the reasons why being a novice driver, you must practice with the brakes first. 

Avoid Drifting

It’s incredible to look at someone who drifts on the go-karting track, but you can ace it yourself only with experience. Being a novice driver in the reign, you must resist your urge to pull off a sharp turn at corners of the track. 

Sharp turns can cause the kart to slide out wide when you’re trying to exit a corner. Therefore, focus on slowly turning your wheel when you hit the apex of a turn.

Wearing Comfortable Clothing

It might seem like a rather obvious tip, but you’ll be astonished to know just how many people don’t recognise the significance of wearing the right clothing. We would recommend you to wear comfortable clothing that’s not too tight or too loose. 

Remember, you’ll have to sit and drive through zig-zag tracks for an extended period of time. You can even buy race suits in Australia for having a second to none experience in Go-karting. 

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