Arrow Kart X5 Senior

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The Arrow X5 Senior kart suits all Senior racing classes, as well as KA3 Junior and KA4 Junior Heavy. Features include:

  • 30/30mm chassis tubing
  • 1040mm wheelbase
  • DPE’s unique billet adjustable heel rest system, ensuring optimum comfort for all size drivers
  • Removable/adjustable front torsion bar available in three stiffnesses:
    Soft (supplied standard), Medium, Hard
  • Unique design camber/caster adjuster system, and adjustable front ride height
  • Stub axles available in two configurations:
    - 17mm with 8mm kingpin and aluminium wheel hubs (suits KA4 & KA3)
    - 25mm with 10mm kingpin and magnesium wheel hubs (suits all other classes)
  • Douglas SE black wheels
  • KG 506 bodywork with Arrow graphics kit
  • High grip steering wheel compatible with Alfano & Mychron units
  • Select any seat from DPE’s wide range to meet your exact needs
  • Self-adjusting radially mounted black anodised billet alloy brake caliper with floating disc.
  • Adjustable rear ride height
  • Enclosed chain guard
  • Flat top sliding engine mount system
  • One-piece rear bumper

The Arrow X5 Senior kart has two no-cost option choices. If you are unsure about any of these options please contact us for advice:

  1. Exhaust fitting Kit to suit either TAG or Rotax engine
  2. Stub Axles:
    17mm (alloy hubs) - recommended for KA4 and KA3 classes
    25mm (magnesium hubs) - recommended for all other classes

Other chassis customisation options are available, including wider seat struts to suit larger seat sizes, and 30/32mm chassis tubing for heavier divisions.

*All karts sold exclude seat to allow selection to meet your exact needs.