Kosmic Kart TDX 32mm

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Kosmic Mercury victories include three Asia Pacific titles, a KF3 World Cup and a total of four World Championships. The main difference between the Mercury and Lynx lies in the size of the tubes used in the frame. The Lynx has molybdenum chrome 32mm diameter steel tubes, whereas the Mercury utilises 30mm diameter.


  • 32mm chassis tubing
  • 1045mm wheelbase
  • 50mm rear axle
  • BSD braking system with brake hoses evolution type and DOT 5.1 lubricant
  • Magnesium components, MXJ wheels, new exhaust supports, front and rear torsion bars, standard aluminium pedals
  • M7 Nassau panel, M6 bodywork with optional CIK-FIA homologated front spoiler connections
  • Sticker kit
    *All karts sold exclude seat to allow selection to meet your exact needs.