Alfano Tyre Control

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Alfano Tyre Control 2 Gauge & Bluetooth Connection

Tyrecontrol2 is equipped with a Bluetooth communication with three pneumatic connections: standard, fast, fast long arm and an input to connect an optional temperature sensor.

  • Optional recording track temperature
  • Release valve to reduce tyre pressure
  • Temperature is recorded in 3 areas for each tyre (inner, middle and outer)
  • Record pressures and temperature before and after each session with difference displayed
  • Records up to 495 'sets' of data and up to 5 different vehicles.
  • One 'set of data includes 34 units of data including time, date, pressures for each tyre before race, pressure for each tyre after race, track temp, tyre temps before race, tyre temps after race.
  • Visual tyre software provides screen configuration and data analysis once downloaded
  • Configurable for ºC or ºF and Bar or Psi
  • Backlight
  • Powered by 2 x AA batteries
  • Accuracy /- 0.01 bar (0.15psi) / /- 1 ºC (2 ºF)
  • Supplied in a hard case to protect the gauge when in storage or transit.