Sniper Inox Laser Sprocket Aligner

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The simplest and most accurate way to ensure long life and highest horsepower transmission. There's no point fitting quality new sprockets and chains without checking the alignment. Incorrectly aligned sprockets will wear prematurely, warp sprockets, damage and break chains, as well as sap your kart of valuable power. Don't lose horsepower through your drivetrain from a simple alignment. Use the Sniper Laser Sprocket Aligner to ensure you are delivering the maximum engine power to your rear wheels. It's simple to use - just attach the aligner to your rear sprocket and aim it at the drive sprocket. Adjust your sprocket carrier right or left until the laser is pointing directly at the centre of the drive sprocket. Tighten the rear axle sprocket carrier prior to removing the aligner to ensure that it remains aligned after tightening. Works with virtually all race kart sprockets.